I work
with you
find balance in your life.
fulfill your true capacity.
integrate the pieces of your life.
execute your dreams.
find more meaning in your work/life.

Adam specializes in working with people who are successful in what they do and are keen on finding (more) meaning in their work and life. He is a certified Integral Coach®, is on faculty with New Ventures West and leads their graduate department. Previously he led user experience development for Made In A Free World / Slavery Footprint. He was a Director at ReIMAGINE, a Bay Area Center for Integration, and still remains an active participant in the community; which is called Tribe. He loves pushing the limits of his body and received a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University. He, his wife, and daughter live in Petaluma.

Most of us live with a sense that life could be "better." We want to contribute more to our team, lead our company with greater effectiveness, and find more connection and meaning with our family and friends. Yet we feel stuck -- stuck having tried various methods that worked short term, left us more burned out, or ..... you get the idea.

I work with people by first understanding what is it they are trying to accomplish and how they feel stuck. I listen, attentively, gaining insight into their world; into how problems and situations show up for them. This last part: for them, is key. Yes we've heard we're all unique and yet we often try one-size-fits-all solutions to no avail. In first meeting a client I'm listening in order to understand how life is for them. Opening this understanding provides insight that I can use in partnership with the client in working with them. Problems come and go, what provides lasting impact is working with the person, and this is where my coaching focuses. Supporting the person so they are able to move forward with more effectiveness and meaning.

Adam is a certified Integral Coach® through New Ventures West and certified Professional Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. He is on faculty with New Ventures West leading their Professional Coaching Course and is head of the graduate departement. He delights in spending time with his wife Robyn and their daughter Genesis. As a family they enjoy time in the outdoors and restoring their Tudor-style house in Petaluma, CA. A published poet, he finds inspiration through his practice of endurance sports and extended time in the wild.

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